venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Thank you Mr. Obama!

Dear Mr. President,

Conscious people live their lives with death being their shadow or the complement of what they do.
Those of us who imagine from time to time, what they would do if they knew they had a mortal disease, end up thinking they would stop wasting time on all useless tings and focus on what matters.
And it would also include a change of attitude: Braver, determined, maybe demanding from others.

Today I thought that ... it must be a great thing for you to know, your mandate ends.
You have plenty of time, but you don't have to take care of choosing the softest strategy and keep voters.
You can act by conscience!

There was no need to go to Israel and ask young people to start getting aware of the situation of Palestinians, and to pursue peace. Except the need you felt to let the Jews know, most of us in the Western World understand perfectly that their strategies to protect their people are justified by the recent past, but they have no blank check to hurt the rights of their neighbors.

So, I want to thank you for speaking also for me.
I admire the creativity, art, and hard work of the Jewish people, but I also hope they find peace, and they work actively on making their environment peaceful.

I hope you take the chance to surprise us with more actions of this kind.
We would appreciate such signals in a world that doesn't show signs of ethical improvement.

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